Real Estate & Construction

Median Home Price

What: The median price is where half of the homes sold for more and half of the homes sold for less. 

Why: The median home price is a good indicator of the conditions of the residential real estate market as well as housing affordability.   

Source: Colorado Association of Realtors Frequency: monthly, 1-month delayUpdated: 02/05/2024  

Commercial Vacancy Rates

What: The average monthly vacancy rate is the average of the daily vacancy rate, which is the amount of space vacant divided by the rentable building area.   

Why: Commercial vacancy rates are indicators of the conditions of the commercial real estate market. Changes in the vacancy rate can reflect changes in the region’s rentable building area or changes in the amount of space being leased.     

Source: CoStar Frequency: daily, no delayUpdated: 01/14/2024

Building Materials Use Tax

What: Larimer County collects an estimated deposit of building material use tax at the time a building permit is issued. It is a prepayment of sales tax on building material used for a permitted project and is reconciled upon completion of the project. The 12-month moving average provides a smoothed trend line to better gauge general directional change.   

Why: Building permits and building material purchases are important indicators of the health of the construction industry.    

Source: Larimer County Frequency: monthly, no delayUpdated: 02/05/2024