Small and Local Business

Small Business Revenues

What: The small business revenues indicator is the percent change in net revenue for small businesses, calculated as a seven-day moving average, seasonally adjusted, and indexed to January 4-31 2020.

Why: Small business is a key pillar of the regional economy. This indicator provides a window into the health of small businesses in the region.

Source: Womply via Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker. Frequency: daily, 1-week delayUpdated: 01/29/2021

Consumer Spending

What: Consumer spending is represented by the seasonally adjusted credit/debit card spending (7-day moving average) relative to January 4-31 2020.

Why: These figures are indicators of how much consumers are spending relative to early 2020. It reflects not only consumer confidence, in general, but also the circulation of dollars in the local economy through expenditures at local merchants.

Source: Affinity Solutions via Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker.Frequency: weekly, 1-week delayUpdated: 01/29/2021